Week 10 of 15 in 15 in ’15: Socks and Underwear (I know; very sexy!)

Week 10!  We’re two-thirds of the way there!

I’m embarrassed to say that this week’s 15 in 15 in ’15 is one I’ve been putting off for myself for a while, but I added it in here just so I would have no excuse any more.  Maybe some of you could use the same motivation? 


We’re going to go through our socks and our underwear. 

15 in 15 in 15



Here are a few guidelines as you go through your collection. Take them all out onto your bed or another space you can lay things out and really review them. 


  • Do your best to gather all the singles and make pairs.  If you have unmatched socks, just agree that they’re going to be socks that are not going to be part of your future.  Let them go.
  • Find the ones that aren’t in great shape, threadbare, don’t fit, whatever.  Toss them, too.
  • Then sort by groups: Dress (sorted by color), athletic, fashion, whatever your categories are.  Be sure to take a step back and determine how many of each category and color you *really* need, and then rank your favorites within each.  See if you’re ready to let go of your least favorite pairs. 


Underwear.  Here’s what you keep:

  • They’re in great shape. The elastic totally does what it is supposed to do, there are no rips or holes.  Ideally, they’re clean, unstained.
  • They fit.  This is especially important for bras, but of course, our underwear size might change. 
  • They’re a style and fit you feel good about wearing. 
  • They’re not in greater supply than you truly need.  Let’s face it: you don’t need 24 pairs of underwear.  You do laundry more often than that. I know you do. 


You can donate socks that are in good shape to most places that collect clothing. Anything that’s in bad shape, consider donating to a textile collection.

You really should just toss the old underwear, and not donate it.

Bras that in good shape, however, can be donated to Free The Girls, a charity that helps to support women rescued from sex trafficking in Africa and Central America. 


And, no, you don’t need to post photos of this one. 🙂



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