Week 11 of 15 in 15 in ’15: Back Up and Protect Your Memories

This week’s challenge is a 2-parter. It’s part technology, part physical stuff.  And I bet most of you out there can use at least one, if not both, of these tasks.  These aren’t decluttering challenges (though, you may find yourself editing down a bit) but this is more of a “Smart steps today can save some sadness later” kind of challenge.


Protect Your Photos…

Both the Physical Photos and the Digital Images


15 in 15 in 15


It is estimated that in 2015, One trillion photos will be taken. That is 1,000,000,000,000.  

Sure, that’s an unfathomable amount.  And what happens to them? Well, according to Eric Niloff, owner of Everpresent, 80% of all photos and videos we take NEVER make it off the camera.  Eric would know, as Everpresent works with people every day to help keep their photos, videos, film, etc., safe, organized, and shareable.  Did I mention safe?  (I mean… come on.  You buy insurance for everything else in your home, but what would you do if you lost your photos and images?)  


So, this week, take stock on how are YOUR photos doing? Are your physical photos safe and digitized? And what would happen if you lost your phone tomorrow for good?  Would you lose photos and videos that are important to you for ever? 

So, this week’s challenge is going to be a 2 parter. 

Part 1:  Digital Photos on you devices and computer:  Back up your phones or tablets and make sure you’ve saved copies of your photos and videos that you don’t want to lose to your computer. While you’re at it, start to edit your collection to make sure you really think they’re ALL keepers.  I bet you’ll find some that you don’t need to keep. Make sure the photos are organized (at least organized by general date ranges).  And then, back THAT up with another source (cloud, or computer back ups like an external hard drive or a third-party source like Carbonite, Mozy, Backblaze, etc.).  


Part 2:  Physical photos: Start a plan to gather, organize and safely secure your most important photos, either on your own or through a third-party like Everpresent or working with another organization through the Association of Personal Photo Organizers.  

Remember, this doesn’t have to mean that EVERY photo you have already is worth digitizing and preserving forever. What if you just started small, like with the 10% most important, most treasured photos from your past? Wouldn’t that help you sleep at night a bit? 

Don’t have a scanner at home?  Lots of chain drug stores or office supply stores will have scanners you can use.  Bring a large thumb drive with you as a start, and bring your favorites. (Hey, why not make a second copy and throw it in your safety deposit box, while you’re at it? Instant off-site storage.)





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