Week 3 – Master Bedroom or All the Floors

It’s Week 3 of the Spring Cleaning Chapter of the Clever Girl Organizing Challenge. Each week, we’ll focus on activities that are going to help us get our homes in order, and to address those spaces that we know benefit from deep cleaning and proper maintenance. Our real estate, whether we rent or own, is typically the biggest investment we have. This chapter is all about making sure we’re taking care of our investment so that it can take care of us! 

I also know that we all have different styles and approaches when it comes to projects like these, so I’ve set it up that we will have options. Each week, I will outline:

  1. A SPACE to focus on (Kitchen, bathroom, living room, dining room, master bedroom, other bedrooms, home office/command center, outdoor spaces and miscellaneous)
  2. An ACTIVITY that you can do throughout the house (dusting, floor cleaning, windows, etc.) if you decided you’re going to want to do just one activity all week. 

And, if you WANT to look at a master list of all the items, so you can manage your own efforts as the 8 weeks go forward, that was is emailed to you as a separate link each week. 

Before we get into the challenge I want to talk a bit more about strategy. Last week, we talked about how to Create a schedule for when your work will happen. This week, I want to talk about Having a vision for how a room will look and feel

When I work with my clients, we often talk before we start working on a space about what they want to feel in the space, how the space makes them feel now, and what is contributing to both the positive and negative sides of it. When we talk through it and start to uncover challenges, we tend to find so many answers that have to do with “Well, it’s just always been that way” or “I guess I’ve become blind to it after all this time.” Clutter and spaces that need cleaning can become that way easily; we can just stop seeing the things that get in our way anymore. We become clutter blind. 

As you’re thinking about each of the spaces in your home, especially as we transition into some of the more living spaces (bedrooms, living room, etc.), make sure you’re really taking a fresh eye to what’s around you, and think through WHY you have things in these rooms. Is this where they live? Is this where they SHOULD live? Are they impacting the vision you’d like to have for life in this room? Take a step back and look around you. I know one organizer who famously suggested to look at your room through one end of a paper towel tube, like a periscope on a submarine! You can see things more clearly when you’re blocking out the landscape that it blends into around it. 


Master Bedroom



Now, off to this week’s assignment! Remember, there are always going to be 2 options — a SPACE challenge and an ACTIVITY challenge.


This week, we’re off to the Master Bedroom. What a great room to try out this “vision” activity, right? It’s time to turn that room back into the peaceful oasis you dream it can be! If you did the Resolutions Chapter, you’ve probably done a fair amount of decluttering in this space already. If you didn’t or if you need a refresher, this is a great week to focus on that. 

What is on our list for the Master Bedroom? Here’s a list of some of the tasks for you to take on (and you should customize your list to fit your space): 

  • Clean baseboards
  • Dust molding and ceiling corners
  • Wash windows and sills
  • Clean window treatments
  • Dust or vacuum exhaust fan fans
  • Clean light fixtures and ceiling fans
  • Wipe light bulbs
  • Wipe all the light switches
  • Wipe all the door knobs
  • Clean scuff marks and fingerprints from walls, doors and door frames
  • Clean your bed and mattress, wash mattress pad
  • Wash linens (may need dry cleaning or laundromat-sized machine for comforters/quilts)
  • Wash pillows
  • Organize closet and drawers
  • Go through kids toys and books
  • Clean out nightstand
  • Clean under the bed
  • Clean off top of dressers
  • Dust all shelving, items on shelves, and wall hangings
  • Remove the items that don’t permanently live in here!



This week, we’re focusing on FLOORS throughout the house. In all the rooms in your home: 

  • Sweep, vacuum and wash (with appropriate cleaner) all hard-surfaced floors Vacuum all carpets and rugs  
  • Spot clean any stains.
  • Consider steam cleaning your highest traffic areas (on your own or hire someone)
  • And, if you didn’t dust the baseboards when you did the walls last week, now is the time.


Back to it! Check in with the Facebook Group for tips, motivation, support, and celebrations!