Week 5 of 15 in 15 in ’15: Medicines and Beauty / Personal Care Supplies

This one’s going to be a fun one, because we can REALLY make a difference in our storage spaces with it.  We’re going to go through our medicine chests, linen closets, vanities, and all those spaces where we have medicines, makeups, beauty supplies, personal care items (that’s a term that the men can use, instead of just resisting the term “beauty supplies).


Clean out the medicines and the beauty supplies!

 15 in 15 in 15


What should you get rid of?  Let it go if: 

1) It’s expired. Medication that’s expired may not be dangerous, but it can certainly be less effective than you want it to be when you’re taking it. (Maybe hold these aside for the next National Prescription Drug Take Back Day, which should be late April, if previous years are any indication).

2) You’re not using it currently, and haven’t used it in the past 6 months.  Maybe you tried it and didn’t love it.  Maybe you just have more than you need, and you’ve got your favorites, and your not-so-favorites.  Maybe it’s medication you needed for something, and you no longer need it. 

3) It’s make up older than recommended after-open-shelf-life, even if you are still using it. 

4) It’s past its usefulness, and more frustrating to use as it is.  Almost empty bottles you need to squeeze and squeeze. Eye pencils that are too short to sharpen well. The tweezers you never seem to get good results with.  The razor that cuts you more often than you’d like. 


So, go to those places where you keep these things, and take EVERYTHING out, give the containers and drawers you store all of these in a good wipe down (they tend to get icky with a drip here and there), and be ruthless in letting go of the items that are truly not serving you *today*. 





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