Week 7 – Break Week!


It’s Week 7 of the 2023 Clever Girl Organizing Challenge! And, as promised, this is the second of two breaks built into the schedule. Not going to overwhelm with anything (it is a BREAK, after all), but wanted to hand some guidance. But first, I want to call out the obvious: Please look at this as a break week, not a good-bye… we still have 4 more weeks of great categories and spaces that I know are on your pain-point list, and we’re here to keep you going strong through the last week of winter!

Use this week to:

  • Relax
  • Catch up on other life projects you’ve been neglecting whilst organizing
  • Keep organizing! Work on your #scaryspace or tackle a space or category that *isn’t* on the SCHEDULE AT A GLANCE
  • Keep organizing! Catch up on something you wanted to keep focusing on from weeks 1-3
  • Keep organizing! Look ahead at a project you think you want to get a head start on now

Feel free to take a break from the Facebook Group this week, or stay just as involved and share some stories about your week!

You can also use this week to post some #banda photos and they’ll count as part of your 9-of-11 weeks for a free hour of virtual consulting with me. I 

Also – no live video this week (though I may pop in for a quick spot if I’m so moved 🙂 ) ,

TUESDAY, FEB 28th – 7:30pm Eastern

missed the last one? Click here. 



Week 1 – Jan 9: Kitchen: Food – Pantry, Fridge, and Freezer
Week 2 – Jan 16: Kitchen/Dining: What we use to prep, cook, serve, eat, store & clean! 
Week 3 – Jan 23: Bath and Bed: Medicines, Toiletries, Cosmetics, Personal Items, etc. 
Week 4 – Jan 30: BREAK – take a break, catch up, or sneak ahead

Week 5 – Feb 6: Clothes, shoes, accessories
Week 6 – Feb 13: Home Office/Papers
Week 7 – Feb 20: BREAK – take a break, catch up, or sneak ahead
Week 8 – Feb 26:  Living / Family Room Spaces
Week 9 – Mar 6: Memorabilia
Week 10 – Mar 13: Hobbies / Arts and Crafts / Sporting Goods 
Week 11 – Mar 20: Kid stuff / Holiday Decor / Pet stuff / Other Clutter Traps!