Week 8 in 15 in 15 in ‘ 15 Challenge: Kitchen Utensils and Appliances

We are more than half way done with our challenge!  Hope you’re all still with me and making progress each week towards a more streamlined, less stressful home. 

This week, we’re heading into the kitchen. 

Kitchen Utensils and Appliances


15 in 15 in 15




This one isn’t too sexy; I know. But it will make a difference in the work you do every day in the kitchen. Commit to the items you use, and let go of the ones you don’t. You’ll find the things you need much more quickly, when you want them, without having to dig through the things you don’t. 

This project is a “take it all out, and be really critical about what you REALLY use, what you REALLY need, and what you could let go of, without it REALLY impacting your life” exercise.

Maybe it’s extra spatulas or slotted spoons. Maybe it’s the corn cob holders you never actually use.  Maybe it’s the extra (or third) wine bottle opener you don’t like, it doesn’t work great, and yet you keep it, “just in case”.    Or the KitchenAid attachment to make pasta that you’ve never once used, and can’t imagine that it’s going to happen any time soon.  Or the old blender, even though you have a newer, fancier, sharper one. Time to let it all go. 


I know I’ve got a few I can dive into, myself.  Don’t forget to take pictures!





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