Week 9 of 15 in 15 in ’15: Crafts and Hobby Supplies

This one is another one that both genders can get into. Whether it’s fabric and artsy craftsy stuff or sports memorabilia, whether it’s your current collection, or supplies that you keep around to support your hobby. It may even be as simple as the arts and crafts type supply you keep around, “just in case”. 



Craft and Hobby Supplies


15 in 15 in 15


The first thing to do is really take out all your supplies, lay them out, and see what you have. There’s a good chance you’ll find that you’ve got more than you thought you did. 


Next, start to ask yourself some questions about what you see:

1) Do I love all of what I’m seeing? Do I think this is the right amount of supplies for my hobby, or have I gathered too much?

2) Have I collected things just because it seemed good to add to what I have already? If I ranked from favorite to least favorite, would I find some items I just don’t care about?

3) For hobbies and crafts:  if I had a full day to work on my hobby, what would I want to spend my time with? And what would be the last items I reached for? 

4) Have you been saving scraps, remnants or leftover pieces of things “just in case” or for some sort of “someday” project?  Think through the likelihood that “someday” will come, and this project will be your top priority.

5) Finally, think about who would enjoy these more than you currently are.  Can you donate them to a school, children’s museum, hospital, nursing home, scout troop?

As always, remember: Just because you have it now, doesn’t mean you have to keep it. 






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